How To Know If You Need Therapy

Even in this day and age, there are still misconceptions about what it means to talk to a mental health professional. There is still a common misconception that if you need to talk to somebody about your thoughts and feelings, you will be seen as weak or lacking. This ongoing stigma is often why people don’t seek out help in the first place.

But here’s the reality: Therapy is actually an incredibly useful tool that helps with a range of issues, from anxiety to sleep to relationships to trauma. Studies have shown that it is amazingly effective in helping people manage mental health conditions and specialists say that it’s worth it even if you don’t have a medical problem.

There is honestly nothing wrong with seeking professional help for any health issue you may have that is worrying you, including mental health. As well-known actress Kerry Washington once did, “I go to the dentist. So why wouldn’t I go to a shrink?”

If you believe that you might need to speak with someone, do it. Therapy is a perfectly normal – and valuable – experience that works to many people’s benefit.

The most common types of therapy include cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, family, and group.

Whether you’re looking for a quick(ish) fix to a bad habit, anxiety issue, or phobia, or you’re just interested in some serious soul-searching (“What’s my life’s purpose?” “Why do I keep doing ____ in romantic relationships?”) there’s a therapy that’s waiting for you.

If you are seeking a good counseling service in the Edmonton area, we highly recommend Reframed Psychological who bring their expertise: knowledge, techniques, strategies, and observations, into therapy with you to get you, as effectively as possible, to where you want to be.

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